NBA 2K19 locker codes

The VC, short for Virtual Currency, is literally your gateway to getting ahead in this game. The NBA 2k19 locker codes are available in VC and various rare diamond players. From getting new features to upgrading your players, from boosting player stamina to participating in tournaments, from simple player move incorporation to making your stellar team, you need the VC at every juncture in this game. But the virtual currency is not given to you by default. You need to work towards it. In order to get your game on, you need the VC and to get the VC, you need to be in the game all the time.

NBA 2K18 locker codes

How to use the NBA 2K19 Locker vc codes generator

Using this generator doesn’t require you to be a computer genius. You just have to login to the generator using the link on this page and you can use it by simply following the instructions on screen.

Once you are inside the generator, input the number of VCs you want to gain with the locker code or choose a diamond player card instead if you want. Once you have given this input and chosen the console on which you play the NBA 2K game, you will be directed to complete another step of verification. This is for the generator to ensure that the same is not being used by any robot and indeed being used by a human. Upon completion of this step, you will see the locker code on your screen for you to note down.

The locker code thus generated can be redeemed the same way in your game console from the locker code options under features of Main menu. Once redeemed, you can see the credit in your game account immediately.

Yes, the only way to make VC that can help you move further is to get yourself well trained in the game of basketball and ensure that you win every game that comes your way. Again what you win with the games, might again get spent in entering the games. And you may not be left with enough currency to buy your upgrades or improve your performance.

Latest NBA2k19 locker codes

With the September fast approaching, everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of the NBA 2K19 game, the 19th edition in the famous NBA 2K simulation game series. And you would be too if you love the game of basketball and you love topping the charts in the game.

For the benefit of those who are oblivious to the game, the NBA 2K series games have been creating a sensation ever since their launch in 1999 and they do so every year for every edition. The upcoming edition is therefore not an exception and with many promising features expected to be part of this game, there is no surprise on the anticipation levels.

The NBA 2K19 while being a futuristic gaming series of the basketball simulation game still has the locker codes as the key to many upgrades and most importantly the key to the portal that opens up virtual currencies.

So to get more VC, you can always look at the option of spending your real money. But is that what you want? And imagine the number of times you will have to swipe your card or look into your pocket. It is simply not practical or feasible all the time.

NBA 2k locker codes PS4 and PS3

You can of course wait for the locker codes that will be issued by the company as part of any promotion or a sale deal. Again this is not always done and neither will the locker codes be compatible with your console all the time.

So what is the solution to the predicament? The answer is quite simple and is being used by many other people, including many of your friends.

It is the NBA 2K19 locker codes generator that can gain you access to the locker codes at any time you want and for the denomination you choose. You would have seen that whenever you get a locker code from the game either for winning a game or for a promotion, the denomination is not chosen by you. You have to make do with whatever is being offered. However in the case of NBA 2K19 locker codes generator you can choose the denomination for which you want to get the locker codes.

Does the locker codes for NBA 2k19  really work?

It is definitely too good to be thought of as true. But yet it defies your myths and provides you with genuine locker codes that are 100% proven to be effective. How are we sure about that?

The locker codes are a combination of alphabets and numbers and have totally 16 digits in it. The NBA 2K19 locker code generator doesn’t just throw up random combination of alphabets and numbers onto your screen. Instead the locker code generator taps into the game server database to get you a genuine locker code which has not be used or allocated as yet to any other gamer. It also marks the code as used/ allotted to ensure that it is not assigned by the game server to anyone else either. So you can be rest assured that the locker code flashing on your screen is indeed a genuine one, straight from the game database.

How safe is my account from hacks and other misuse of information?

There is absolute safety guaranteed when using the NBA2K19 locker code generator.

  • There is no information taken from you at any stage during the run of the generator which means there is actually no risk of information abuse.
  • There is not even the game account taken as input meaning there is no threat of a ban.
  • There are no digital footprints left behind in the game server as the generator uses the best of the encryption technology in its mix.

And above all this, the generator comes for absolutely no charge and can be used as many times as you want for any number of VC that your heart desires.

With unlimited VC and unlimited features at your fingertips, there is no end for the fun!